Why near infrared saunas are better than far infrared sauna types

If someone asked me why a near infrared sauna is better than a far infrared sauna, I would give them several reasons. The number one reason why near infrared sauna therapy is better in my mind would be the blood shunting you get from side to side of your body. The other is the photo therapy benefits that only near infrared saunas can offer.

What is “Blood Shunting”?

When you sit in a near infrared sauna enclosure that is small enough, your core temperature will increase, but first the side of the body facing the lights will heat up more.  In response to the heat, the body begins shunting blood towards the surface of your skin.  In the process, the tissues become engorged with blood. In an effort to cool the body down, water begins to escape from the blood stream and appear as sweat on the skin surface.

When you are in other types of sauna enclosures, the overall ambient temperature is pretty even and you lose out on the positive effects from the shunting of blood from side to side.   I’m saying “side to side” because in a near infrared sauna, you sit upright on a stool facing the sauna lamp lights.  Every few minutes you turn 90 degrees, so the body has to redirect the shunting of blood to a different portion of your body.  You also continue to turn to avoid burning your skin.  In a near infrared (NIR) sauna, heat is delivered by 250 watt red heat lamp bulbs.  I joke that you are like a chicken on a rotisserie when you are in a near infrared sauna.

Photobiomodulation (a.k.a. photo therapy)

The biggest positive I would say is tied with the number one reason of why  near infrared saunas are better are the therapeutic benefits. That is because a near infrared sauna delivers photo therapy and not just heat stress therapy.  The red heat lamp bulbs used in NIR saunas produce frequencies between 550 and 3600 nm of light versus infrared saunas that deliver far infrared frequencies of 4,000 nm and larger.  According to Photo Medicine research, body tissues biologically respond better to light frequencies between the 400 nm-1100 nm range, where 4,000 nm and larger (in far infrared saunas) just heat up water molecules of the body.

Another reason why near infrared sauna therapy is best is that you won’t be exposing your body to large amounts of electromagnetic frequencies.

So all in all, near infrared sauna therapy is the up and coming winner and sauna therapy will trend towards near infrared light sauna types.  The Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp is my choice because it is the only UL Listed and RoHS certified near infrared light sauna around.  You can find out more information by going to  Go Healthy Next.  The designer and inventor of the Sauna Fix is Eileen Durfee, who is also a Practitioner of Nutritional Balancing Science and Nutritional Coach.

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